This product line is based on iridescent colours. The colours are obtained by light interference. The pure iridescent glitters do not contain any colourants but comprise two or more polymers.

Disco HT series products are pure iridescent colours and are used by itself or in water-based products. It is used in cosmetics and as a water-based paint additive in the craft industry for a wide variety of applications, which include screen printing, soap making, scrapbook, decorating, and wearable fabric embellishment, etc.

Tinted Disco series are based on Disco HT series composition but are a combination of the pure iridescent colours with various dyes.

Disco LR series are pure iridescent colours and are commonly used in solvent based applications, which include paints and coatings additives, nail polish additives, flooring additives, etc. It is also used as flake pigment in automotive aftermarket refinishing and in the boating industry.

Disco ET series has many of the properties of Disco LR, but has higher temperature resistance and better solvent resistance. Therefore, it can be used in applications like low melt plastic applications where Disco LR cannot be used.

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