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  1. Boating and other Fiberglass or Gelcoat applications: Boats, Carnival Ride Cars, Pre-fab Domes for Churches

  2. Fishing Lures

  3. Makeup (Cosmetics): Nail Polish, Body Creams and Lotions,Hairspray

  4. Crayons

  5. Finger Paints, (coated silver)

  6. Fabric Adhesives for decorating clothing (permanent).

    Clothing, sneakers

  7. T-Shirts, (silk screened) mixed with Plastisol. (.008 ismost popular size)

  8. Clown Makeup (for Costume Companies & Halloween)

  9. Ceramics (after firing)

  10. Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

  11. Inks & Paints

  12. Clear Adhesives (for children's use, can be washed off)

  13. Glitter Pens (mixed with adhesive)

  14. Rubber Stamp Kits

  15. Fabric Printing (Flocking)

  16. HairGels

  17. Floral Decorations (Artificial, Dry, Live)

  18. Candle Decorating

  19. Flooring

  20. Wallpaper

  21. Posters & Displays

  22. Inside Balloons

  23. Greeting Cards

This Series is used in the manufacture of glitter for applications the require better long term solvent stability the GHT.

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The above information is given for guidance only. While it is based on scientific evaluation, and is believed to be reliable, Debdale Glitters makes no warranties, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose for these products, since among other reasons the conditions of storage and use are beyond our control. No statements or recommendations contained herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any patent.

* The iridescent colour of LR recovers well when removed from the solvent.

N - No Change
CS - Colour Shift (Sample has started to change colour due to solvent immersion)

CC - Colour Change (Total colour change due to solvent immersion)
CL - Colour Loss

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