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Alu*flake WSR was designed to work in all thermoplastic applications, such as injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. It can also be used in solvent systems. While the coatings on Alu*Flake WSR are both water and solvent resistant, long term use of aluminium substrates in water based solutions is not recommended.


Debdale Glitters Aluminium Flake was specifically designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers of decorated fabrics, adhesives, vinyl, sheeting, plastic moldings, inks, paints, and many other products that require glitter of outstanding physical and chemical properties.

The following is a list of some of the varied and extensive testing Alu*Flake has been exposed to:

LIGHTFASTNESS: A minimum of 400 hours in Atlas Fade-Ometer elapsed before any discernible change in colour occurred. Samples were exposed to standard 148°F black panel temperature and 90% relative humidity.

In addition to laboratory testing, tests were conducted in Miami, Florida in which samples of Alu*Flake WSR were exposed to the sun and elements for 18 months. No barriers such as glass or plastic films, which would have had the effect of shielding the samples from ultraviolet rays, were used. Under these conditions of maximum exposure to semi-tropical sunlight, there was no discernible change in any colour, nor was there any reduction in brilliance after 18 continuous months, at which time the tests were discontinued.

TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Although Alu*Flake WSR has endured exposure to 550°F with no apparent loss of colour or reflective quality, the actual limit of resistance is dependent upon dwell time, mixing abrasion, and ambient process temperature.

SUSPENSION PROPERTIES: Because Alu*Flake WSR has a significantly lower specific gravity than most liquid or gel mediums where it is incorporated, it will remain in suspension more uniformly during process application.

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CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Alu*Flake WSR has proved highly resistant to most commonly used commercial solvents, such as MEK, MIBK, alcohol, and high flash naphtha. Because of this excellent solvent resistance, this glitter can be used in most solvent, acrylic and vinyl systems.


(1). Each chip of glitter has a minute edge of exposed aluminium created when the particle is cut from the sheet. Therefore, caustics and all chemicals normally affecting pure aluminium could react with this exposed edge. This does not preclude use of this glitter with these chemicals, however, since the short duration of most industrial processes may not afford enough time to cause significant damage to the finished product. It is advised that contact be checked carefully. (2). Concentrated sulfuric acid will cause separation of the coating from the foil.

(3). Alu*Flake WSR should be experience tested prior to application.

COLOUR ADHERENCE: The coatings used to produce Alu*Flake WSR are formulated, applied and thermoset to create a coating with superb strength and with excellent adhesion to the film. Standard tests applied to the coated foil are: Cellophane tape strip test, 180 fold and crease test, and wrinkle test. Under all of these examinations, no separation occurred between the coating and the foil. In addition to excellent adherence of the coating to the foil, it is equally important that the colors are resistant to migration or bleeding into surrounding medium. Because the finest available transparent pigments are used, the colours are highly resistant to migration.

COLOURS: A beautiful spectrum of brilliant colours are available for Alu*Flake WSR. Samples are available on request.

TOXICITY: Alu*Flake WSR by Debdale Glitters is a coated aluminium foil and is formulated to be Non-Toxic.

QUALITY: Alu*Flake WSR undergoes thorough quality control in all stages of production. The aluminium foil and coatings are checked for gauge, brightness, colour, match, solvent resistance and coating adherence. The glitter is then precision cut on specially developed, high-speed machines with extreme accuracy. Size and shape of the glitter is checked at frequent intervals. After cutting, the glitter is carefully sifted through screens, two or more times to remove any oversized or unseparated pieces.

The above information is given for guidance only. While it is based on scientific evaluation, and is believed to be reliable, Debdale Glitters makes no warranties, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose for these products, since among other reasons the conditions of storage and use are beyond our control. No statements or recommendations contained herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any patent.

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